At Eagleton Ridge we try to access as many varied activities as possible, finding new and different activities for people to try or to have special activities that are favorites for them. Many new experiences have been had and enjoyed.
Some of the activities we access are:

Arts and Crafts - this is generally a favourite with most people. We make things such as Moulded Glycerine Soaps, Soy Candles, Beaded bookmarks, Mosaics, Pottery, Jewelry, Encaustic Art and many other items. We use recycled materials and everything has its own unique appeal. Some of the things we make, we sell at the markets and this helps to purchase further items for our crafts activities. Also many of our patrons have bought gifts for family / friends from our market stall items. Please have quick look at our crafts on display in our Gallery.

Horse Riding - Many of our clients have enjoyed going horse riding. We used to access a facility at Medowie which has now closed down. We can still arrange for clients to go horse riding but it is now much more expensive and needs to be booked in advance. Those people wishing to go horse riding must be mobile as the only places that we have found, are not equiped for high physical needs.

On the Farm - we are all involved in the everyday care of the place. We take the attitude that many hands make light work. If everyone gets in and helps get the chores done then we have more time to do other activities. Some of the farm activities are as follows: tractor rides, feeding the chooks, collecting eggs, feeding horses and goats, feeding and watering the cockatoos, watering the herb gardens, tidying the house, cooking, washing and general living skills. Many times a reluctant starter ends up having great fun. We also do many activities on the farm that are not to do with chores....bushwalking, tractor rides, photography, yabbying, Spa, Snooker / pool, games, WII, DVD's, music and the list goes on and on.

Outings to different attractions such as - Fighterworld - RAAF Williamtown, Movies, Museums, Botanical Gardens, Beaches, Ten Pin Bowling, Swimming indoor & outdoor, Picnics, Fairs & Markets, Fishing, Discos, of course Shopping (we try to limit the amount of spending money), Sailability, Shark & Ray Center, Dolphin Watch Tours and the list goes on. Our favorite outing seems to be Oakvale Farm where many hours are spent playing with all the animals.We like to know about the things that you would like to do so don't hesitate to ask if there is something of your choice.

We are happy to try to access any activity if a request is made prior to staying as this gives a little more time to arrange it. Activities off the farm are supported and our patrons do not have to cover any support costs or transport but they are responsible for entry fees or costs incured eg B wishes to go horse riding - payment to Riding facility - $50.00/hour, Ten Pin Bowling - game & shoe's -$4.50/game, extra $5.50 for drink & chips .