Our service started as a very small concern, thinking we would see how things went we started using a comments sheet for our clients to give us feedback after their stay. By these comments sheets we have found that good service is talked about and our major advertising to date has been by word of mouth, or by our brochures passed on. To us this is better than paid advertising because we believe that if people enjoy our service they will be happy to refer others to us.
We would like to share with you some of our responses. All names will be withheld for privacy and a letter will be replaced for each persons name.

I couldn't say anything against. My sister had the time of her life and thats the main thing. Mentally & physically. It was the time of her life away from her family and a great break for me & the rest of my family.

Client - Female, 24yrs, Carer - Sister

Just a short note to let you know I had a great holiday at your place.I enjoyed the movies and I have my photos near my bed.

Client: Male, 32yrs, Group Home

I am so thankful for the service we have recieved. I was able to have a rest and relax with him being so happy with you on the farm. Thank you so much.

Client: Male, 54yrs, Carer: Mother

It's a home away from home. Friendly and caring.

Client: Male, 21yrs, Carer: Mother